Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    8 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck in Holiday Carpark Chaos

    Shoppers faced a nightmarish experience as they found themselves trapped for hours in car parks during the holiday season. The frustration reached its peak when one woman was forced to relieve herself in her partner’s car due to the extended queue. However, there is hope. Here are some insightful tips to ensure that you don’t suffer the same fate.

    1. Assess the situation before leaving your parking space
    Before giving up your precious parking spot, take a moment to survey the queue. If time permits, consider using the bathroom before joining the line. If the situation seems dire, you can even take a detour and enjoy a movie, indulge in some mouthwatering butter chicken, or unleash your inner superstar in a private karaoke room.

    2. Stock up on sustenance
    While waiting in a never-ending line, take advantage of the abundance of food options in the mall. Grab some snacks or even treat yourself to a book or a deck of meditation cards to pass the time.

    3. Consider alternative transportation
    Public transport may not always be the most convenient option, but it can save you from the car park madness. While a train stuck in a car park is not ideal, at least your mind can focus on more pressing matters, like finding a solution for the never-ending queue.

    4. Embrace alternative modes of transportation
    If possible, try biking to the mall or renting an e-scooter. If your backpack or bike bags are unable to accommodate all your shopping, it might be time to reassess who truly deserves a gift and return some items if needed.

    5. Explore different shopping locations
    Instead of sticking to the well-known, overcrowded malls like Newmarket and Sylvia Park, consider visiting smaller malls. If the store you need to visit has a branch in a less popular mall, take the extra 20-minute drive. Trust us, it’s a far better option than enduring a three-hour ordeal.

    6. Carpool or Uber
    Remember, fewer cars mean shorter queues. Consider carpooling with friends or family, or opt for an Uber. While it may not be the conventional choice for Christmas shopping, it eliminates the need for parking. Carpooling also allows you to take bathroom breaks without worrying about leaving your vehicle unattended.

    7. Support local businesses
    While malls are convenient with their variety of stores, take this opportunity to explore local shops. Venture into that enigmatic store next to the supermarket that sells mysterious kitchenware. You might discover unique treasures while supporting small businesses.

    8. Embrace online shopping
    The very internet that brought you to this article is also your gateway to a hassle-free shopping experience. Shop online and have your items delivered right to your doorstep. Plus, the chances of getting stuck in a car park are virtually zero, unless you’re accessing the internet from there.

    It’s time to break free from the grip of the car park prison. While some of these suggestions might not be financially practical, the peace of mind is priceless. Leave behind the memories of car park chaos, and embrace a stress-free shopping experience this holiday season.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do before leaving my parking space?

    Take a moment to observe the queue and decide whether you need to use the restroom or indulge in some other activities inside the mall before joining the line.

    Is public transport a reliable option to avoid car park chaos?

    While public transport may not be the most convenient choice, it can save you from the frustration of being stuck in a car park. Even if the train or bus gets trapped, there are other pressing matters to focus on.

    How can carpooling or using Uber help me?

    Carpooling or Uber reduces the number of cars in the queue, resulting in shorter wait times. Additionally, with carpooling, you can take necessary breaks without leaving your vehicle unattended.

    What are the benefits of shopping locally?

    Exploring local businesses not only opens up unique shopping opportunities but also supports the community. Discover hidden gems while avoiding the chaos of larger malls.

    Why should I embrace online shopping?

    Online shopping offers convenience and doorstep delivery, eliminating the need to face the car park chaos. Plus, you can browse a wide range of products without leaving the comfort of your home.