Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Aer Lingus Dublin to Lisbon Flight Returns Due to Technical Issue

    An Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Lisbon had to turn back to the airport after the crew reported a technical issue following takeoff. The incident occurred during an early morning departure.

    Flight EI-482, operated by an Airbus A320 jet, took off at 7.39am with the Portuguese capital as its destination. Shortly after departure, the crew informed air traffic controllers about a small technical problem that necessitated a return to Dublin. They mentioned the possibility of further maintenance action.

    To enable preparations for the return, the pilot requested to “level off” at an altitude of 23,000 feet. The aircraft then veered south and reversed its course over county Waterford, ultimately heading back to Dublin Airport.

    Upon inquiry from Dublin controllers, the crew confirmed that they would be making a normal landing. No emergency declaration was made, and there was no need for the involvement of emergency services upon arrival.

    Around 40 minutes after the initial departure time, the flight landed safely at Dublin Airport. Subsequently, engineers carried out an investigation into the reported technical issue. Passengers were deplaned, and a replacement aircraft was arranged to continue the journey to Lisbon. The departure of the replacement flight occurred at 10.10am.


    Q: What caused the Aer Lingus flight to return to Dublin?
    A: The crew reported a technical issue on board after takeoff, leading to the decision to return to Dublin.

    Q: Was there an emergency declared?
    A: No, the crew did not declare an emergency, and emergency services were not required upon arrival.

    Q: How long did the flight delay last?
    A: The flight returned to Dublin approximately 40 minutes after initially departing.