Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Air Canada Responds to Lawsuit Over Theft of $23.8 Million in Gold and Cash

    Air Canada has fired back at security firm Brink’s in response to a lawsuit filed regarding the daring theft of $23.8 million in gold and cash from its facilities at Toronto’s Pearson airport earlier this year. According to Brink’s, a thief managed to walk away with the valuable cargo after presenting a fake document at an Air Canada warehouse on April 17. However, Air Canada has rejected all allegations made by Brink’s in a statement of defense filed on November 8.

    In their defense, Air Canada asserted that they fulfilled all their carriage contracts and denied any improper or careless conduct. They claimed that Brink’s failed to declare the value of the haul on the waybill, a document that typically contains detailed information about the shipment. Air Canada also argued that if Brink’s did suffer losses, their liability would be limited under the Montreal Convention, a multilateral treaty governing air transportation.

    Air Canada further contended that Brink’s Switzerland Ltd., for undisclosed reasons, chose not to declare a value for carriage and opted not to insure the shipments. They stated that Brink’s was fully aware of the consequences of their decisions. Brink’s had earlier filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract and seeking millions of dollars in damages, alleging that Air Canada was negligent in implementing adequate security measures to prevent theft.

    The stolen cargo consisted of 400 kilograms of gold in the form of 24 bars, currently valued at approximately $21.1 million, along with nearly US$2 million in cash. Even the cash alone weighed over 53 kilograms. Brink’s had engaged the services of Air Canada to transport the cargo from Switzerland to Toronto, where it mysteriously disappeared shortly after being deposited at an Air Canada warehouse on the day of delivery.

    The ongoing police investigation has yet to make any arrests, and the stolen shipments remain missing.


    1. What was stolen from Air Canada’s facilities at Pearson airport?
    A thief made off with $23.8 million worth of gold and cash.

    2. How did the thief manage to steal the cargo?
    The thief presented a fake document at an Air Canada warehouse, gaining access to the valuable cargo.

    3. What is Air Canada’s response to the lawsuit filed by Brink’s?
    Air Canada has rejected all allegations, stating that they fulfilled their carriage contracts and denied any improper conduct.

    4. What does the Montreal Convention stipulate regarding liability?
    Under the Montreal Convention, Air Canada’s liability may be limited if Brink’s failed to declare the value of the haul.

    5. Has there been any progress in the police investigation?
    To date, there have been no arrests, and the stolen shipments have not been recovered.