Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Granted Planning Permission for Three New Data Centres in Dublin

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has received planning permission to construct three new data centres in north Dublin. Fingal County Council has given the go-ahead for the development, which will see the construction of three buildings with a combined power load of 73MW. The data centres will be located on a 65-acre site at Cruiserath Road, Dublin 15.

    Despite opposition from groups such as Friends of the Earth and Gluaiseacht, the Council approved the plans. Eoin O’Leidhin of Gluaiseacht expressed concerns over the project’s potential impact on emissions, while Jerry Mac Evilly from Friends of the Earth argued that the development posed a risk of carbon lock-in.

    However, the Council granted seven years of planning permission, stating that the construction of the data centres aligns with European and Government policies regarding digital infrastructure development. The Council also determined that the project would not have a detrimental impact on the environment when considered individually or in conjunction with other developments.

    AWS has highlighted the economic benefits associated with the development, stating that it will create additional employment opportunities. The company emphasized its commitment to aligning with the government’s preference for data centres to contribute to strong economic activity.

    As a condition of the planning permission, the Council has stipulated that AWS must have a Corporate Purchase Power Agreement (CPPA) in place prior to the data centres’ operation. This agreement should demonstrate that the energy consumed by the data centres is matched by new AWS renewable energy generation in Ireland.

    The Council’s report recommending planning permission emphasized that AWS’s proposals aim to decarbonize and achieve net-zero data services in accordance with set targets. The company’s planning consultant, John Spain, clarified that the development does not require a new power request as it has an existing connection agreement with an established transmission system.


    – Fingal County Council
    – Amazon Web Services (AWS) spokesperson