Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd. Begins Liquidation Process

    An Ontario court has granted permission to Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd. to commence the liquidation process for its stores. The decision comes as the Pickering, Ontario-based furniture company aims to restructure its business in light of challenging economic conditions.

    Under the court order issued by Judge Herman Wilton-Siegel, Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd. will begin selling off its merchandise on Friday. The sale will take place at all 12 of the brand’s stores, and it is expected to last for the initial 30 days of the liquidation period. Following this period, certain stores will be closed and consolidated, while others will remain open.

    In an effort to ensure a smooth transition, the liquidation sales must be concluded across the entire company network by February 15, as specified in the court order.

    The decision to initiate the liquidation process was made after Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd. filed for bankruptcy protection under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The company cited the challenging economic environment as the primary reason behind this move. Since the filing, Bad Boy has already laid off some staff members and plans to implement further cuts.

    While this development marks a significant change for Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd., it also provides an opportunity for customers to take advantage of discounted prices during the liquidation sales. If you are in need of furniture or home goods, now is the time to visit one of their participating stores.


    Q: Why is Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd. liquidating its stores?
    A: Bad Boy Furniture Warehouse Ltd. is liquidating its stores as part of its effort to restructure the business due to challenging economic conditions.

    Q: How long will the liquidation sales last?
    A: The liquidation sales will occur for the first 30 days of the liquidation period.