Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Casey Wasserman’s Company Acquires Brillstein Entertainment Partners

    A strategic deal has been finalized, with Casey Wasserman’s namesake company acquiring Brillstein Entertainment Partners. The management and production firm, founded in 1969 by Bernie Brillstein, has been a significant player in Hollywood, representing notable talent such as Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but Brillstein will continue to operate its offices in Beverly Hills and New York with all 80 employees remaining in their current roles.

    This acquisition expands Wasserman’s presence in the entertainment industry, adding hundreds of management clients and delving deeper into production. Brillstein Creative Partners, the in-house production unit, has projects in development with streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon, as well as a first-look deal with Paramount TV. Wasserman sees the production business as a crucial aspect of their operations and expects it to become increasingly significant.

    The decision to sell Brillstein Entertainment Partners was driven by the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Jon Liebman, one of the co-CEOs, emphasized the necessity of being part of a larger platform that can provide access to resources and serve clients’ needs across different areas more efficiently. Many Brillstein partners will be joining Wasserman’s leadership team, and the move aims to unlock resources for the expansion of digital and gaming talent representation divisions, brand endorsements, and helping clients establish their own businesses.

    Casey Wasserman, who is also involved in organizing Los Angeles’ 2028 Olympics, expressed excitement about bringing film and TV stars into Wasserman’s management client roster. He recognizes that the industry’s traditional divisions are blurred, and opportunities now extend beyond specific disciplines.

    Competition in the Hollywood management space has intensified in recent years, with new entrants and established agencies making aggressive moves in the market. However, management companies like Brillstein are not restricted by the divestment agreements that talent agencies must adhere to due to a standoff with the Writers Guild of America.

    Casey Wasserman’s company has expanded its reach through multiple acquisitions and now employs nearly 1,900 people. Despite being asked about the possibility of taking the company public, Wasserman defers to the quote from his grandfather, who was a Hollywood studio giant, emphasizing the difficulty of foreseeing the future.