Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Coventry Plans 100ft Christmas Wheel in City Centre

    Coventry’s city centre is set to be adorned with a 100ft high ferris wheel as part of its Christmas festivities. The wheel, if approved by planning authorities, will be situated in Broadgate and will be open for seven weeks starting from the end of November. Alongside the ferris wheel, there will be other attractions such as market stalls to create a festive ambiance in the city.

    Paul Jones, representative of Visit Coventry, expressed his excitement about the wheel, referring to it as a “jewel in Coventry’s Christmas crown.” Additionally, Councillor Abdul Salam Khan from the Coventry City Council expressed delight and described the wheel as another “magical Christmas offer” for residents and visitors.

    Coventry, known for its vibrant Christmas markets, is continuing its tradition of creating a festive atmosphere for its community. The addition of the ferris wheel will provide residents and tourists with a unique and enjoyable experience during the holiday season.

    Further details about the Christmas attractions, including the market stalls, are yet to be announced. However, the city council is encouraging people to follow BBC West Midlands on social media platforms for updates on the event.

    Coventry City Council and Visit Coventry are working together to bring this exciting Christmas attraction to life. This initiative aims to boost tourism and enhance the festive spirit in the city.

    – Coventry City Council
    – BBC West Midlands