Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Finding Common Ground: Auckland Council Considers Amendments to Redevelopment Deal

    Auckland Council is nearing a decision on the sale and redevelopment of the Downtown Carpark Building, with some key requirements potentially being dropped. The council is scheduled to vote on whether to eliminate the condition for a large cycle and scooter “hub” as well as the demolition of the adjacent Lower Hobson Street flyover. These changes would be crucial for finalizing negotiations with Precinct Properties, the council’s preferred buyer and developer for the prime site.

    Opposition to the proposed demolition of the nearly 2000-space carpark has been led by Andrew Krukziener, a downtown landlord advocating for the retention of the building in order to secure a higher price for the site. While negotiations with Precinct have successfully addressed most of the council’s transportation goals, the inclusion of the hub and the removal of the flyover have yet to be resolved. These outstanding issues may involve additional costs that would need to be mutually agreed upon.

    In September of 2022, the board of Auckland Transport, responsible for managing the carpark, determined that the “hub” did not offer good value for money, despite earlier reports of a $28 million investment. The remaining discretionary requirements are now recommended to be included in the council’s long-term budget considerations, potentially competing with other funding priorities.

    Despite these negotiations, the deal with Precinct is reportedly ready to proceed, pending the approval of final terms and conditions by the board of council development agency Eke Panuku. The Downtown Carpark Building, initially constructed in the late 1960s with two additional floors added later, boasts a total of 1,944 parking spaces. The exact number of carparks included in the proposed twin-tower development and their public availability remain undisclosed due to the ongoing confidentiality of talks surrounding Precinct’s proposal.

    Overall, Auckland Council aims to strike a balance between the demands of private redevelopment and the interests of the public. By revisiting certain requirements, the council hopes to find common ground that benefits both parties while driving the city’s progress towards a more vibrant and accessible urban environment.


    Q: What is the proposed change to the redevelopment deal for the Downtown Carpark Building in Auckland?
    A: The Auckland Council is considering dropping the requirement for a large cycle and scooter “hub” as well as the demolition of the adjacent Lower Hobson Street flyover.

    Q: Who opposes the demolition of the carpark building?
    A: Andrew Krukziener, a downtown landlord, leads the opposition to the demolition as he believes the building could be retained to secure a higher price for the site.

    Q: What remains unresolved in the negotiations with Precinct Properties?
    A: The inclusion of the “hub” and the removal of the flyover have yet to be resolved, potentially involving additional costs that need to be agreed upon.

    Q: What will happen to the discretionary requirements not included in the redevelopment deal?
    A: These requirements will be considered as part of the council’s long-term budget deliberations, competing with other funding needs.