Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Finding the Best Deals on Petrol

    Fuelling up your car before embarking on a long drive can be quite costly due to the high price of crude oil, the weak pound, and the substantial tax bill. However, the UK government has taken steps to make it easier for consumers to find reasonable prices at petrol stations. In an effort to increase transparency, fuel companies are now required to publish up-to-date prices at the pumps.

    The Competition and Markets Authority forced these companies to disclose their prices, making it easier for individuals to identify stations that charge exorbitant prices. By simply driving a few miles down the road, motorists can save money by avoiding these overpriced stations.

    The AA’s fuel price report for August revealed a considerable increase in prices for both unleaded and diesel fuels. Additionally, the price difference between diesel and unleaded has grown by nearly 2p per litre. If you’re looking to save on fuel costs, supermarkets such as ASDA offer prices 3.5p per litre lower than the UK average.

    In Nottinghamshire, there are several petrol stations offering E10 Standard Grade Petrol at competitive prices. Some of the cheapest options include the ASDA station on Loughborough Road (NG2 7JA) at a price of 145.7, and the Sainsbury’s station on Melton Road (NG2 6EP) at 145.9. Other stations, such as the Morrisons station in Gamston (NG2 6PS), sell E10 Standard Grade Petrol for slightly higher prices at 148.7.

    Keeping an eye on the current petrol prices and comparing them across different stations can help you save money on your next long drive.

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