Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    Ford Workers Strike for Better Wages and Job Security

    UAW Ford workers went on strike in an effort to secure higher wages and better job security. The main demands of the workers include a 36 percent wage increase over four years and an end to the tiered employment system that pays newer workers less and provides them with fewer benefits.

    The union argues that wages have not kept up with inflation, while CEOs of the Big Three automakers received hefty compensation packages last year. The workers allege that their current wages are not enough to support their families or secure their future.

    Kevin Ewald, a Ford employee with nearly three decades of experience, expressed concern for the newer generation of autoworkers who endure physically demanding work for lower pay. He believes these workers should be compensated fairly and believes that both sides have their limits.

    Amanda Robbins, an assembly line worker, expressed her desire to provide for her family and build a better future. She currently has to take on side jobs to make ends meet and feels frustrated that as a Ford employee, she cannot afford the cars they produce.

    The striking workers come from families with a long history in the auto industry, and many have dedicated their entire careers to automakers. Some workers, like Mike Kanowski, who has been with Ford for over 49 years, are concerned about the discrepancies in benefits between legacy workers and newer hires.

    The strike reflects the deep-rooted dissatisfaction among UAW Ford workers regarding wages, job security, and the need for fair compensation. As the auto industry has been a significant part of Detroit’s economy for decades, the outcome of this strike could have far-reaching implications for both the workers and the future of the industry.

    – UAW: United Automobile Workers, a labor union representing workers in the United States auto industry.

    – UAW Ford workers strike for fair wages and job security