Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Harley-Davidson recalls thousands of bikes in Australia due to faulty part

    Motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson has issued a recall for thousands of its bikes across Australia after identifying a potentially faulty part that could increase the risk of a crash. The Department of Transport has warned that the rear shock absorber adjuster mounting bolt may break, leading to damage to the rear tire and a loss of tire pressure.

    The department has highlighted the potential dangers of this issue, stating that a sudden loss of tire air pressure while riding could result in a loss of vehicle control, thereby increasing the risk of an accident and causing injury or even death to the rider, passenger, and other road users.

    The recall has been attributed to a manufacturing issue, and it affects a total of 3,676 Softail motorbikes in Australia. The affected variants include FLDE, FLHC, FLHCS, FLHCS ANV, FXLRS, and FXLRST produced between 2017 and 2023.

    Harley-Davidson has assured owners of these motorcycles that they can contact their nearest Harley-Davidson Australia dealer to have their bikes repaired free of charge. For further information or assistance, owners can reach out to Harley-Davidson Australia via phone on (02) 9886 0600 or via email.

    This recall serves as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders and the wider community on Australian roads. By addressing this potential issue promptly, the company demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and rider protection.


    – Department of Transport

    – Harley-Davidson Australia