Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Irish Property Developer Turned Cupcake Delivery Man Faces Mountains of Debt

    A once-prominent figure in Ireland’s property development scene, Graeme De Renzy, has found himself in dire financial straits. After previously declared bankrupt for a failed scheme, De Renzy now faces a staggering debt of €11 million. Despite claiming to have deals with a French-African company, De Renzy admits to having no money or assets to repay the debt.

    De Renzy’s troubles don’t end there. American film producer Cary Granat alleges that De Renzy owes him several million euros from a failed investment. Additionally, Canadian businessman Daniel Veniez has sued De Renzy for fraud, claiming he lost €11 million in a planned medicinal cannabis company. Both Granat and Veniez warn others to steer clear of De Renzy, stating that there are other victims who have fallen prey to his schemes.

    Currently, De Renzy is delivering cupcakes and baked goods for his wife’s home bakery company in Dublin. But this is not the first time he has faced legal trouble. In a previous case involving a cryptocurrency business, a US court awarded €50 million against De Renzy. In 2002, he made headlines for launching a property development scheme that financial expert Eddie Hobbs cautioned investors against.

    When questioned about the allegations, De Renzy remained tight-lipped. He confirmed his past bankruptcy but insisted it was a historical matter. Despite investigations revealing little to no activity or assets in his companies, De Renzy has made promises to repay his debts. However, given his track record, many remain skeptical.

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