Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Kids Get Creative and Caring with Trade Me’s Top Toy Picks for Christmas

    As the holiday season approaches, youngsters in New Zealand will be immersing themselves in imaginative play with the latest toy trends, according to Trade Me’s top toy picks for Christmas. By analyzing popular searches on their platform and considering international trends, Trade Me has compiled a list of toys that are likely to be at the top of children’s wish lists this year.

    Encouraging children to embrace their artistic side, almost half of the top picks focus on fostering creativity. From designing and building to molding, these toys offer kids the opportunity to add a personal touch and showcase their individual creativity. While the iconic Barbie remains a perennial favorite, there has been a 51% increase in searches for Barbie-related items compared to last year. Kids can now bring their own dreams to life with a two-story DIY Barbie Dream House kit, inspired by the recent movie.

    For crafty “tweens,” a miniature pottery studio has become a must-have gift. This trend stems from a viral TikTok sensation, where children can use quick-dry clay and their very own spinning wheel to create ten different ceramic pieces. Animal care is also a popular theme this year, with toys catering to pet-obsessed kids. Trade Me reports that the Little Live Pets Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts, a favorite from last Christmas, has been upgraded with the addition of a “Mama Surprise” toy. After caring for the mama guinea pig, children will be delighted as she reveals three baby guinea pigs, effectively transforming one toy into four.

    Further encouraging imaginative play, budding bakers can indulge their culinary creativity with the Cookeez Makery oven. Using dough and magical ingredients, children can bake their own soft animal toy. After just 90 seconds in the oven, the dough transforms into a furry friend that even smells like freshly baked goods.

    Nostalgia for the 90s has also influenced this year’s toy selection, with the Tamagotchi making a comeback. Originally released over 25 years ago, the virtual pets have become popular once again. Rounding out the list are classic favorites like the Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper and a new twist on the body-bending game, Twister Air, making them perfect stocking fillers and Secret Santa presents.


    1. How were Trade Me’s top toy picks determined?

    Trade Me analyzed popular searches on their platform and considered national and international toy trends to compile their list of top toys for Christmas.

    2. What is the focus of this year’s top toy picks?

    Almost half of the top toy picks aim to encourage children to explore their artistic and creative abilities.

    3. What popular toy has seen a significant increase in searches compared to last year?

    Barbie-related toys have seen a 51% increase in pre-Christmas searches compared to the previous year.

    4. What toy caters to crafty “tweens”?

    A miniature pottery studio, inspired by a viral TikTok trend, provides a mess-free way for children to create their own ceramic pieces.

    5. What toy combines animal care and surprise elements?

    The “Mama Surprise” toy offers children the opportunity to care for a mama guinea pig that reveals three baby guinea pigs, effectively turning one toy into four.