Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    National MP Apologizes for Controversial Election Night Speech

    Newly elected National MP Cameron Brewer has issued an apology for a recent speech in which he celebrated the victory of “stale, pale males” in his electorate. The remarks, which were leaked to the media, have sparked criticism and further highlighted concerns about the lack of diversity within the National Party.

    During the election night celebration, Brewer referred to himself as a “glass ceiling breaker” after winning the Upper Harbour electorate seat. He made the comment in jest, but it was met with laughter and cheers from the crowd. An audience member even shouted back, further reinforcing the controversial statement.

    However, Brewer has since expressed regret over his choice of words and acknowledged that they were inappropriate. In a statement to the media, he apologized for any offense caused and emphasized that his intention was to make a lighthearted, self-deprecating remark. He admitted that it was a “silly thing to say” and stressed that he would not repeat it in the future.

    The incident has raised questions about National’s commitment to improving diversity within its ranks. Currently, almost 70% of the party’s caucus are men, and a significant majority are of Pākehā (New Zealand European) heritage. This lack of representation has been a subject of scrutiny and has put pressure on National leader Christopher Luxon to take steps toward greater inclusivity.

    While Brewer has voiced support for Luxon’s drive to increase diversity within the party, critics argue that his comments undermine this message. It is evident that National still has work to do in ensuring a more inclusive and representative caucus.


    Q: What did Cameron Brewer say in his election night speech?
    A: Cameron Brewer celebrated the return of “stale, pale males” in his election night victory speech.

    Q: How did Brewer respond to the criticism?
    A: Brewer apologized for the comments, acknowledging that they were unwise and a poor attempt at humor.

    Q: What percentage of National’s caucus are men?
    A: Almost 70% of National’s caucus members are men.

    Q: What percentage of National’s caucus are Pākehā?
    A: 80% of National’s caucus members are Pākehā (New Zealand European).

    Q: Who held the Upper Harbour electorate seat prior to Brewer?
    A: Vanushi Walters, a member of the Labour Party, held the Upper Harbour electorate seat before Brewer’s election.