Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    New Everest Food Products’ Promoter Group Acquisition Shatters Mumbai Real Estate Records

    The promoter group of Everest Food Products, known for their renowned brand of spices, has recently made headlines with their jaw-dropping acquisition of a luxurious sea-view apartment in Mumbai’s upscale Worli area. Breaking all records, the deal was finalized for a staggering amount of over Rs 73.50 crore.

    Spanning an impressive 6,130 square feet, the apartment occupies the 37th floor of the prestigious Oberoi Three Sixty West tower on Dr. Annie Besant Road. This extraordinary purchase translates to a value of over Rs 1.16 lakh per square foot—a testament to the exclusivity and desirability of this prime real estate.

    While the buyer’s identity remains undisclosed, it is noteworthy that the deal was brokered with Oberoi Realty, the developer behind this iconic project. The apartment was officially registered on October 30, with the buyer securing additional perks such as access to 164 square feet of adjacent space as well as six designated car parking slots. The registration process required the payment of approximately Rs 2.41 crore as stamp duty.

    This acquisition not only redefines luxury living in Mumbai but also signifies the remarkable growth and success of Everest Food Products. Established in 1967, the company has emerged as India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of pure and blended spices, commanding both domestic and international markets.

    Oberoi Three Sixty West, the project encompassing this unprecedented purchase, is a landmark development featuring two impressive towers. One tower houses the renowned Ritz-Carlton Hotel, while the other accommodates opulent residences managed by the esteemed hospitality brand.

    Apart from this recent acquisition, Oberoi Realty has also made waves in the real estate market with the purchase of a luxurious penthouse within the same project. Setting a record for one of India’s largest single apartment deals, the penthouse was valued at an astounding Rs 230.55 crore. Furthermore, BK Goenka from the Welspun Group mirrored this purchase by acquiring a penthouse of similar proportions for the same price tag.

    As Mumbai’s real estate landscape continues to evolve, high-value transactions by prominent corporate personalities dominate headlines. These transactions not only reflect the flourishing economy but also underline the prestige associated with owning prime properties in one of India’s most sought-after locations.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Who acquired the luxurious sea-view apartment in Mumbai?
    • The promoter group of Everest Food Products, famous for their Everest brand of spices, made the jaw-dropping acquisition.

    • Where is the apartment located?
    • The apartment is situated in Mumbai’s upscale Worli area, on the 37th floor of the Oberoi Three Sixty West tower.

    • How much was the apartment acquired for?
    • The apartment was acquired for an astonishing amount of over Rs 73.50 crore.

    • Who was the developer of the Oberoi Three Sixty West project?
    • Oberoi Realty developed the project, comprising two towers—one housing The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the other featuring luxury residences managed by The Ritz-Carlton.

    • What was the value of the luxurious penthouse acquired by Oberoi Realty?
    • The luxurious penthouse acquired by Oberoi Realty was valued at Rs 230.55 crore, setting a record for one of the largest single apartment deals in India.