Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    New Nicotine Product Raises Concerns Over Youth Access

    The recent introduction of Imperial Tobacco’s Zonnic, a Health Canada approved flavoured nicotine pouch, has sparked concerns over its accessibility to minors. The Alliance for the Control of Tobacco (ACT) is raising alarms about the lack of regulations prohibiting the sale of this product to individuals under the age of 19.

    While Health Canada has approved Zonnic as an aid to quit smoking, ACT emphasizes the absence of substantial research on its efficacy and potential health effects. ACT Executive Director Kevin Coady emphasizes the organization’s disappointment and urges the federal government to classify these nicotine pouches as prescription-only products.

    One of the areas of concern for ACT is the product’s appeal to young people. Zonnic’s packaging is visually attractive, with vibrant colors and enticing flavors, making it naturally appealing to minors. ACT warns that these factors contribute to the appeal and could potentially lead to an increase in nicotine addiction among youth.

    To address this issue, ACT is calling on provincial retailers to exercise vigilance and adhere to their responsibility not to sell Zonnic or any other nicotine products to individuals under the age of 19. By doing so, retailers can play a crucial role in ensuring that young people are protected from the potential harms associated with these products.


    Q: What is Zonnic?
    A: Zonnic is a flavoured nicotine pouch manufactured by Imperial Tobacco and is approved by Health Canada.

    Q: Why is there concern about Zonnic?
    A: There are concerns about Zonnic because it is being marketed aggressively as an aid to quit smoking, but there are few regulations preventing its sale to individuals under 19. Additionally, limited research has been conducted on its effectiveness and potential health effects.

    Q: What is the Alliance for the Control of Tobacco (ACT)?
    A: ACT is an organization aiming to control and regulate the use of tobacco products to protect public health. They advocate for stricter regulations and monitoring of tobacco-related products.