Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    New Ways to Prioritize Employee Well-being: Hobby Lords Expands with Innovative Workplace Policies

    Hobby Lords, a popular hobby shop specializing in trading cards, board games, and more, is setting a new standard in employee well-being with its unique workplace policies. The company offers unlimited holidays and sick leave to its staff, aiming to create a happier and more satisfied workforce. This innovative approach has not only been well-received by current employees but also attracts job applicants, prompting Hobby Lords to consider expanding its stores nationwide.

    Unlike traditional workplaces, Hobby Lords grants its employees annual leave as soon as they begin working. This gesture demonstrates a level of trust towards their staff and has been described by its managing director, Liam O’Neill, as “a bit of a faith-based gesture.” This policy functions similarly to the standard leave system, with employees accruing leave as normal. However, Hobby Lords does not penalize its staff for taking a negative leave balance, allowing them the freedom to take as much leave as they need.

    By prioritizing employee happiness and well-being, Hobby Lords believes that it positively impacts customer interactions. O’Neill notes that customers often notice and appreciate the difference in the shop’s atmosphere, leading to positive feedback. Moreover, staff members who decide to leave the company with a negative leave balance are not required to pay it back, as it is considered a parting gift from the store.

    In addition to unlimited leave, Hobby Lords ensures that its employees are paid at least the living wage rate, demonstrating its commitment to fair compensation. The store is also focused on remaining profitable while avoiding price increases for its customers. By prioritizing its core offerings and maintaining independence from outside suppliers, Hobby Lords has managed to thrive in a highly competitive market.

    These ground-breaking workplace policies have not only increased job satisfaction and retention but have made Hobby Lords a desirable employer in the industry. With plans to expand its stores throughout the country, Hobby Lords is revolutionizing the way employees are treated in the retail sector, proving that well-being and success go hand in hand.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How does Hobby Lords’ unlimited leave policy work?
    A: Hobby Lords grants its employees unlimited annual leave and sick leave, allowing them the freedom to take as much time off as needed without penalties.

    Q: Are employees paid during their leave?
    A: Yes, Hobby Lords ensures that all leave is paid, including unlimited annual leave and sick leave.

    Q: What is the shop’s attitude towards employees with negative leave balances?
    A: Hobby Lords considers any negative leave balance as a parting gift to employees who decide to leave the company. They are not required to pay it back.

    Q: Is Hobby Lords profitable despite offering these unique policies?
    A: Yes, Hobby Lords maintains profitability by prioritizing its core offerings and avoiding reliance on outside suppliers or excessive expenses.

    Q: How does Hobby Lords prioritize customer interactions through its workplace policies?
    A: By focusing on employee well-being, Hobby Lords believes that satisfied and happy staff members positively impact customer interactions, fostering a welcoming and enjoyable environment for customers.