Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    New York Employers Now Required to List Salary Range in Job Postings

    Beginning Sunday, employers across New York State will be required to include the salary or salary range in job postings, thanks to the implementation of the Pay Transparency Law. This law, signed by Governor Kathy Hochul in December 2022, aims to empower job seekers and address pay inequity.

    The Pay Transparency Law has two main components. Firstly, it promotes transparency by requiring employers to include salary information in their job postings. This allows applicants to have a clear understanding of what they are applying for. Secondly, it mandates employers to keep records of all job postings to ensure compliance with the law.

    Jared Cook, an attorney with Tully Rinckey, highlights the benefits of the new law. He emphasizes that job seekers will now have a better understanding of the salary expectations for a particular position. Additionally, employers who offer competitive wages will benefit from attracting qualified candidates. Cook stresses the importance of providing accurate salary ranges and avoiding vague placeholders that do not reflect the actual compensation.

    The Pay Transparency Law was enacted due to issues of misleading job applications and pay discrepancies. Cook explains that many job seekers have experienced situations where they were offered lower salaries than what was initially advertised. Studies indicate that pay disparities based on gender and race still persist, even in 2023. Cook suggests that unconscious biases can impact the salaries offered, and the new law will make it easier to identify any discrepancies.

    While some express concerns about the impact of the Pay Transparency Law, the Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s senior director of HR, Kathy Richmond, believes it will encourage conversations about pay inequity and discrimination in the workplace. However, she acknowledges that employers may face challenges in explaining salary discrepancies to their employees, potentially affecting morale.

    In conclusion, the implementation of the Pay Transparency Law in New York State aims to provide job seekers with greater transparency and address pay inequities. By requiring employers to include salary information in job postings, the law seeks to empower applicants and reduce discrimination in compensation practices.

    – Pay Transparency Law: Legislation that requires employers to disclose salary or salary ranges in job postings.
    – Job Posting: An advertisement or announcement made by an employer to attract potential job applicants.
    – Pay Inequity: The disparity in pay between individuals in similar positions based on factors such as gender or race.

    – Governor Kathy Hochul: Official website of Governor Kathy Hochul.
    – Chamber of Commerce: Statement from the Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s senior director of HR, Kathy Richmond.
    – Tully Rinckey: Law firm mentioned in the article providing legal expertise on the Pay Transparency Law and employment matters.