Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    New Zealand Property Developer Threatens Legal Action Over Downtown Carpark Sale

    Property developer Andrew Krukziener is raising concerns over the potential sale of Auckland Council’s Downtown Carpark to Precinct Properties. Krukziener has strongly criticized the sale and has even threatened legal action if it moves forward. This controversial decision is set to be voted on during the upcoming Auckland Council meeting.

    Krukziener firmly believes that the sale poses significant risks and potential negative consequences for the city. He argues that the Downtown Carpark is a vital asset for the public and should not be handed over to a private entity. Krukziener’s concerns are heightened by the fact that Precinct Properties is a publicly-listed company, potentially adding further complexities to the situation.

    While the outcome of the Auckland Council vote remains uncertain, Krukziener has not hesitated to vocalize his threats. In an interview with NBR, he stated that he is already in contact with his lawyers, discussing the potential legal actions that could be taken.

    The sale of the Downtown Carpark has been a topic of debate and controversy, with community members expressing their concerns over the fate of this public asset. The potential ramifications of this decision extend beyond the immediate transaction, as it could set a precedent for the future sale of public assets to private developers.

    As the Auckland Council meeting approaches, all eyes will be on the outcome of the vote. The local community eagerly awaits a decision that will shape the future of the Downtown Carpark and potentially set a precedent for similar sales in the future.


    Q: Why is Andrew Krukziener threatening legal action?
    A: Andrew Krukziener opposes the sale of Auckland Council’s Downtown Carpark to Precinct Properties and believes it is a threat to the city. He has expressed his intention to take legal action if the sale proceeds.

    Q: Why is the potential sale controversial?
    A: The potential sale of the Downtown Carpark has sparked controversy as community members express concerns over the fate of this public asset. The decision to sell public assets to private developers can set a precedent for similar sales and impact the accessibility and availability of public amenities in the future.

    Q: Who is Precinct Properties?
    A: Precinct Properties is an NZX-listed company that has expressed interest in purchasing the Downtown Carpark from Auckland Council. The involvement of a publicly-listed company in the sale adds complexity to the situation.