Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
    Plymouth’s Millbay Docks Set to Become Key Strategic Freight Port and Cruise Terminal

    Plans are underway to transform Plymouth’s Millbay Docks into a major freight port and cruise terminal. Plymouth City Council, Millbay Docks, and Brittany Ferries have signed an agreement to develop the docks and improve their infrastructure. The partners have also committed to working towards achieving Net Zero emissions.

    The Memorandum of Understanding, signed by council leader Tudor Evans, Brittany Ferries CEO Christophe Mathieu, and Associated British Ports (ABP) CEO Henrik Pedersen, aims to establish Millbay Docks as an economic driver for Plymouth. The council’s goal of becoming Net Zero by 2030 is another priority outlined in the memorandum.

    Millbay Docks, owned and operated by ABP, covers 50 acres of port estate and serves as a vital connection between the South West and France and Spain, with Brittany Ferries providing services. The docks handle an impressive 400,000 passengers, 150,000 vehicles, and 80,000 tonnes of cargo annually, contributing over £95 million to the UK economy.

    With its strategic location less than a mile from the city centre, Millbay Docks is well-positioned to continue serving established European trade routes and the growing cruise market. The partners will work together to drive improvements and business development opportunities across multiple areas.

    These areas of focus include the ambition to achieve Net Zero by 2030, supporting green jobs and investments. Capital projects, such as passenger access improvements and freight enhancements, will also be maximized for maximum impact. The partners will identify grant funding opportunities to invest in shore power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from visiting vessels. Additionally, the potential of Millbay Docks as a freight hub in the freeport will be explored, emphasizing the importance of trade between France, Spain, and the UK. Lastly, collaborations with Destination Plymouth and other regional bodies aim to increase inbound tourism and foster growth in the cruise sector.

    Council leader Cllr Evans expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of Millbay Docks, highlighting the advantage of port cities in achieving Net Zero goals. He stressed the importance of exploring new avenues for job creation and the prospect of green jobs and marine innovation, sectors in which Plymouth excels. ABP CEO Henrik Pedersen emphasized the significance of partnership in realizing the Net Zero vision. Brittany Ferries CEO Christophe Mathieu echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the company’s commitment to economic growth, cross-border trade, and sustainable operations.

    This partnership signifies a shared vision for a sustainable future for both Millbay Docks and the city of Plymouth, one that leverages the advantages of port cities and promotes green growth, trade, and job opportunities.


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