Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Proposed Changes in Electricity Rates for Synergy North Customers

    Synergy North, a utility company serving residential customers in Thunder Bay and Kenora, Ontario, has submitted a proposal to the Ontario Energy Board for a change in electricity distribution rates. The proposed changes, slated to take effect on May 1, 2024, would result in varying rate adjustments for customers in the two cities.

    Under the proposal, residential customers in Thunder Bay can expect their monthly electricity rates to increase by $3.47 for a typical consumer using 750 kWh of electricity. Conversely, residents of Kenora would see a decrease in their rates, with a reduction of $4.97 per month.

    The impact of the rate adjustment also extends to customers in the general service category. In Thunder Bay, general service customers using less than 50 kW would benefit from a monthly charge decrease of $6.19. However, general service customers in Kenora would face an increase of $11.25 in their monthly charges.

    While the utility’s application focuses primarily on residential customers, the Ontario Energy Board notice suggests that other Synergy North customers, including businesses, may also be affected. However, no specific details regarding these impacts have been provided.

    The Ontario Energy Board will hold a public hearing to review Synergy North’s proposal. Individuals or organizations wishing to participate as intervenors must submit their applications by September 25. Synergy North has requested a written hearing format, but the energy board offers three types of hearings—oral, electronic, and written—based on the preferences of the applicant.

    For further information about the proposed changes and the hearing process, interested parties can visit the Ontario Energy Board’s website.

    – Synergy North: A utility company serving customers in Thunder Bay and Kenora, Ontario.
    – Ontario Energy Board: A regulatory agency responsible for overseeing energy-related matters in the province of Ontario.

    – Ontario Energy Board website
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