Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Sainsbury’s Initiates Early Culling of Cattle to Reduce Carbon Emissions

    Sainsbury’s, the UK supermarket, has announced that it will begin culling cattle for beef earlier than usual in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and achieve its net-zero targets. The company stated that improved efficiency on its farms has allowed its new range of Taste the Difference Aberdeen Angus beef to reach the “optimal point for consumption” sooner than other livestock. It will now slaughter the cattle 20% earlier than the industry standard, which is typically between 20 and 24 months.

    According to Sainsbury’s, the new range of beef products has a carbon footprint approximately 25% lower than the standard range. The range includes 12% and 5% fat mince, 30-day rib-eye steak, and a 30-day beef roasting joint. These items are initially available in 60 stores, with plans for further expansion across the UK.

    The supermarket explained that measures such as closely monitored feed and living conditions have resulted in healthier calves raised in the most efficient way possible, requiring less time and energy to grow, and emitting fewer harmful gases as a result.

    Sainsbury’s has been developing this new range for a decade, with the production process taking five years. The company aims to reach net-zero across its operations by 2035. Beef production is known to generate higher greenhouse gas emissions compared to other meats due to the methane produced by cows.

    Ruth Cranston, Sainsbury’s Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, expressed hope that the launch of this lower-carbon beef range will set a leadership example for the industry.

    This initiative follows previous efforts by Sainsbury’s to make its beef products more environmentally friendly. In February, the supermarket replaced plastic tray packaging with vacuum packing for its range of beef mince products. The move, however, faced criticism from some customers who found the meat unappealing. In July, Sainsbury’s also eliminated plastic trays from its steaks and introduced a cardboard alternative.

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