Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Shrinkflation: The Phenomenon of Downsized Vegetables

    Consumers have long complained about “shrinkflation,” the practice of downsizing products while maintaining the same price. This phenomenon has now extended to the vegetable section, with customers accusing major Australian retailers, such as Woolworths and Coles, of selling quarter-sized vegetables at the price of halves.

    In a recent incident, a frustrated shopper from Brisbane took to social media to share pictures of a cauliflower piece he purchased from Woolworths, claiming it was marketed as a “half.” The customer compared the tiny vegetable to a box of matches in an attempt to illustrate its size, calling it “laughable.” Similar reports have surfaced online, suggesting that this may not be an isolated incident.

    While some speculated that an incorrect sticker placement might have caused the confusion, others claimed to have observed similar product sizes in stores. In response to the criticism, an employee from Woolworths defended the store, stating that staff have no control over the sizes of the products they receive. Regardless of the size or shape, employees are required to provide customers with whole, half, and quarter portions.

    This incident highlights a larger issue of rising product prices and shrinking package sizes. Both Woolworths and Coles have faced criticism for their soaring prices while recording billion-dollar profits. Frustrated consumers across the country have been using social media platforms to voice their grievances.

    In light of these concerns, Woolworths has assured customers that they can return unsuitable products to their local store or contact the Customer Hub for a refund or replacement.


    1. What is shrinkflation?

    Shrinkflation refers to the practice of reducing the size or quantity of a product while keeping the price the same.

    2. Are major retailers like Woolworths and Coles involved in shrinkflation?

    Consumers have accused major Australian retailers, including Woolworths and Coles, of participating in shrinkflation by selling smaller portion sizes for the same price.

    3. Can customers get a refund for downsized vegetables?

    Customers who are dissatisfied with the size of their purchased vegetables can return them to the local store or contact the Customer Hub of the respective retailer for a refund or replacement.

    4. Are rising product prices a widespread issue?

    Many shoppers across the country have voiced their concerns about rising prices at major retailers like Woolworths and Coles, especially as these businesses continue to record substantial profits.