Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Sky Internet Experiences Outage as Thousands Report Issues

    Sky internet users have been facing difficulties as over 41,000 individuals reported problems with their broadband, according to DownDetector. The issues extend beyond broadband, with users also experiencing difficulties with the Sky app and Sky Glass. When attempting to access their accounts, some users encountered a message indicating “technical difficulties”. Frustrated customers have taken to social media to voice their complaints.

    Several users have confirmed the outage, with one individual expressing their concern that Sky broadband seems to be down nationwide. Another user reported attempting to resolve the issue by restarting their router, which displayed three green lights, but still experienced a lack of internet connectivity for 20 minutes. A third user reached out to the Sky Help Team, highlighting their internet connection problem, which subsequently affected their Sky Glass and the Sky app. Furthermore, they were unable to access their account online due to the page failing to load and displaying a “technical difficulties” message.

    It is crucial to note that Sky officials have not released any official statements regarding the internet outage or the cause behind it. Users are encouraged to regularly check for updates from Sky on their social media channels or official website.

    Sources: DownDetector