Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Survey Finds 75% of Irish Professionals Open to Nine-Day Working Fortnight

    A recent survey conducted by Hays Ireland has revealed that 75% of professionals in Ireland would consider changing jobs if offered a nine-day working fortnight. The survey, which included a sample size of 1,600 employers and employees, showed that 51% of professionals would be willing to switch to a compressed four-day working week.

    When it comes to the post-pandemic workplace, 56% of employers anticipate that their staff will be required to come back to the office more frequently in the next 12 months, while 34% expect the frequency to remain unchanged.

    To support the return of workers to the office, employers are investing in various measures. For instance, 49% of employers are improving computer hardware, such as additional screens and faster internet connections. Additionally, 49% are providing bike storage and shower facilities to encourage cycling to work.

    The survey also highlighted some interesting perks that employers are considering. Around 20% of employers are looking into offering subsidised childcare, while 25% are exploring the idea of implementing “bring your pet to work” policies.

    Maureen Lynch, Managing Director at Hays Ireland, commented on the findings. She stated that the current changes in how we work, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, have sparked a reevaluation of the traditional office environment and working hours. Employees are seeking more autonomy in terms of when and where they work, while employers acknowledge the benefits of remote and hybrid working but also face certain challenges.

    While some companies like Zoom have called their staff back to the office on a hybrid basis, others are taking a different approach. Employers are using various incentives, such as onsite childcare, subsidised meals and travel, and pet-friendly policies, to attract employees back to the office.

    The survey suggests that the conversation around modern work arrangements is still in its early stages, with both employers and employees adapting to the changing landscape of work.


    – Hays Ireland survey of 1,600 employers and employees.