Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Teesside Park Introduces Parking Restrictions, Enhances Traffic Management for Festive Season

    Teesside Park, a popular shopping complex in the region, has recently announced the implementation of new parking restrictions in its main retail car park. Starting from Friday, December 1, shoppers will only be allowed to park for free for a maximum of four hours. Failure to comply with the time limit will result in a fine. This move aims to ensure parking availability for all visitors to the park.

    The new parking restrictions will be clearly indicated by signs placed throughout the car park. Fortunately, the leisure and restaurant car parking areas, as well as the future B&M store, will remain unrestricted and have no time limit. In addition, Teesside Park has implemented a range of traffic management plans to accommodate the surge of visitors during the festive season.

    To enhance the efficiency of traffic flow and minimize queue times, the park will introduce an updated traffic management process from Friday, November 24. Car parking stewards will be on site during peak periods to guide traffic and provide assistance. Moreover, visitors can take advantage of the new Stagecoach bus routes, which include stops near popular stores like DFS, JD Sports, and Currys. The affordable government-subsidized fares ensure that traveling to Teesside Park by public transport is convenient and cost-effective.

    Teesside Park is eager to build on its recent successes and continue attracting customers with exciting new brands. Recent arrivals such as Flannels and Primark have delighted shoppers, and the park’s management team promises more exciting announcements in the near future.


    1. How long can customers park for free?
    Customers can park for free for a maximum of four hours in the main retail car park.
    2. Will there be fines for exceeding the time limit?
    Yes, drivers who stay beyond the four-hour limit will incur fines.
    3. Are there any areas with no parking time limit?
    The leisure and restaurant car parking areas, as well as the upcoming B&M store, will have no time limit.
    4. How is traffic flow being improved during the festive season?
    Teesside Park has implemented an enhanced traffic management process and deployed car parking stewards to guide and assist visitors.
    5. Are there public transportation options available?
    Yes, Stagecoach bus routes now include stops near popular stores at Teesside Park, offering affordable fares for convenient travel.