Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    The Allure of Nexus Airlines: Opening Up Western Australia to Travellers

    Nexus Airlines has recently launched, offering new travel opportunities for both Australian and international tourists. As someone who has always thought that Western Australia was difficult to reach and expensive to visit, I now realize how easy and worthwhile the journey can be, especially with Nexus. The airline has created multiple routes throughout Western Australia, allowing travelers to explore the south, central, and northern parts of the state. For example, you can fly from Geraldton to Perth, Karratha to Port Hedland, or even from Darwin to Kununurra and Broome.

    One of the biggest advantages of Nexus Airlines is the increased accessibility it provides to remote areas of Western Australia. Many locals express frustration due to limited flight options and frequent cancellations, which hinder their ability to travel in and out of the region. Nexus aims to address this issue by offering 14 flights on its busiest day, ensuring travelers have more choices and easier access to the spectacular Kimberley and West Coast.

    Affordability is another significant factor that Nexus Airlines takes into account when pricing their flights. Previously, cost acted as a major obstacle for families wishing to explore Western Australia. However, Nexus offers competitive prices, providing discounts compared to other non-stop options. For instance, a weekend flight from Broome to Kununurra costs $353 on Nexus, while Airnorth and Qantas charge $501 and $507, respectively.

    Moreover, Nexus Airlines has partnered with the WA State Government to offer more affordable flights for eligible regional residents. The airline also has a favorable policy for infants; children under the age of two who do not occupy a seat can travel free of charge.

    In terms of comfort, Nexus Airlines aims to provide a more enjoyable experience for passengers. The aircraft features generously padded leather seats, ample legroom, and a cozy ambiance. While there is no class division onboard, the overall comfort level surpasses that of typical economy flights.

    Another advantage of flying with Nexus is the breathtaking views that can be experienced along the flight paths. The Q400 aircraft used by Nexus offers spectacular views of the diverse Australian landscape. Passengers can admire farmland, desert-style outback, and vibrant grasslands from above. These exclusive views are a testament to Nexus’ commitment to showcasing the beauty of Western Australia.

    In conclusion, Nexus Airlines has opened up new possibilities for travelers looking to explore Western Australia. With its wide range of routes, affordable prices, comfortable flights, and stunning views, it is an enticing option for both local and international tourists.

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