Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    The Best Budget Instant Coffee Brands: A Taste Test

    In a quest to find the best budget instant coffee, this reviewer tried out several options from different supermarkets in the UK. The aim was to see if lower prices meant compromising on taste and quality.

    Starting off with Asda’s Just Essential Coffee and Co-op’s Honest Value Coffee, it was clear that Asda ranked at the bottom. The coffee granules didn’t dissolve well, resulting in a bitter taste and an unpleasant drinking experience. Co-op fared slightly better, but still had an overwhelming flavor and lingering aftertaste.

    Moving on to M&S and Tesco, both were deemed good options but not great. While they didn’t have any stray granules floating in the cup, they lacked the “get up and go” feeling that many coffee lovers crave in the morning.

    Morrisons Gold Roast and Nescafe Azera were the next contenders. Nescafe, a familiar and reliable brand, delivered a good, strong cup of coffee but came at a high price. Morrisons, on the other hand, had a great, rich flavor and was offered at a more affordable price.

    The winner of the taste test was Aldi’s Alcafe Gold Roast. Despite being the cheapest option, it didn’t compromise on quality. The coffee had a smooth texture, dissolved well, and was enjoyable to drink. With its larger size, it also offered better value for families.

    Overall, while some lower-priced supermarket brands didn’t meet expectations, there were affordable options, such as Aldi’s Alcafe, that delivered great taste and quality. So, if you’re looking to save some money on your coffee purchase without sacrificing flavor, it’s worth exploring these budget-friendly instant coffee brands.

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