Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Truck Pushes Toyota Fortuner SUV off Flyover in Terrifying Accident

    In a shocking incident captured on video, a truck nearly pushed a Toyota Fortuner SUV off a flyover in India. The incident highlights the lack of responsible driving and lane discipline in the country, leading to frequent accidents.

    The video, shared by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel, features an interview with the driver of the Toyota Fortuner involved in the accident. The SUV owner, who is also from Haryana, was driving on an elevated road near Palwal around 12:30 am when the incident occurred.

    As the Fortuner driver ascended the flyover, he encountered a truck hogging the right lane, forcing him to overtake from the left. However, as he was completing the maneuver, the truck suddenly swerved into the left lane without warning. The truck’s trailer collided with the SUV’s door, pinning it against the flyover’s wall and dragging it along. Miraculously, the truck driver seemed oblivious to the dangerous situation. The SUV teetered on the flyover’s safety wall, almost toppling over.

    Eventually, the truck driver realized the collision and stopped. It remains unclear whether he failed to see the car behind him or if he fell asleep while driving. The Fortuner owner, unsure if the vehicle would tip over, stayed inside and promptly called emergency services. The truck driver fled the scene but later reported the accident to the police.

    Despite the severe damage to the SUV’s bonnet, side panels, tires, and alloys, the owner emerged from the accident without any injuries. He praised the build quality of his 9-year-old Fortuner, which protected him during the collision. The vehicle started even after the accident, although there were signs of fluid leakage. The owner plans to get the car repaired at an authorized service center and expressed his intention to purchase more Toyota products in the future.

    An official case has been registered against the truck driver in connection with the incident.

    Source: Based on original article “Truck Almost Pushes Toyota Fortuner SUV off Flyover” by Arun Panwar on RushLane.