Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    United Auto Workers Strike Enters Fifth Day

    The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike at plants in Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio continues into its fifth day as union president Shawn Fain sets a new deadline for contract talks. Fain stated in a Facebook video that if serious progress is not made by noon on Friday, September 22nd, more locals will join the strike. The strategy of limited, targeted strikes at all three American auto companies has gained support among UAW members. Simultaneous strikes against the Detroit Big 3 are unprecedented in UAW history, adding pressure and uncertainty for the companies. Fain made it clear that an all-out strike is still an option.

    Some workers have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited strikes, questioning the point of striking if not all 146,000 members participate. However, Fain and labor historians see the deployment of this strategy as a reflection of newfound militancy at the UAW, aimed at achieving fair deals rather than bringing down the auto companies. While it is too early to determine the success of the strategy, it has created uncertainty for the companies, as they cannot predict which part of their supply chain may be affected next.

    Non-striking workers have already experienced ripple effects, with Ford temporarily laying off 600 workers and GM warning of layoffs at a Kansas plant. The UAW has promised to provide laid-off workers the same pay as striking workers, but this represents less than half of their regular earnings. To conserve their strike fund, the union may rotate striking workers to avoid exhausting resources.

    Overall, the UAW strike continues to disrupt production and put pressure on the auto companies to meet the demands of the workers.

    – UAW: United Auto Workers, a labor union representing workers in the automobile industry.

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