Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    A New Era of Online Business Education: Texas A&M Introduces Innovative Flex Online MBA Program

    Texas A&M Mays Business School is set to revolutionize the landscape of online business education with the launch of its groundbreaking Flex Online MBA program. This new program, starting in fall 2024, aims to prepare students for an ever-evolving job market by focusing on innovation and meeting the needs of industry.

    Unlike traditional MBA programs, the Flex Online MBA at Texas A&M takes a different approach. Myra Gonzalez, director of the program, emphasizes the importance of industry collaboration in designing a curriculum that prepares students for the future of work, which is constantly changing and includes jobs that don’t even exist yet. Through incorporating data and technology literacy, as well as being open to technological advancements, the program aims to equip students with the skills they need to navigate an unknown professional landscape.

    The Flex Online MBA is part of Texas A&M’s expanding portfolio of online programs. Alongside the new MBA program, the university plans to launch online Master of Science programs in Human Resource Management and Marketing. This demonstrates a commitment to providing a diverse range of online educational opportunities to cater to the needs of a global audience.

    The program is designed for working professionals who want to upskill and reskill. It offers the benefits of a traditional MBA program while providing the flexibility that online learning provides. With primarily asynchronous coursework, students can access the program on their own schedule and from anywhere. The curriculum is delivered by renowned faculty and focuses on developing leaders who embody the Aggie core values that Texas A&M is known for.

    To ensure a high-quality learning experience, the program incorporates live online cohort sessions and even a small in-person element at the beginning. This blended approach allows students to engage with their peers and build a strong network. Speaking of networks, the Texas A&M Aggie Network, which boasts over half a million alumni, is a major draw for prospective students. Graduates of the Flex Online MBA program will be able to tap into this vast network and join the ranks of successful Texas A&M professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What makes the Flex Online MBA program at Texas A&M unique?

    The Flex Online MBA program stands out due to its focus on innovation and industry collaboration. It aims to prepare students for future job prospects by incorporating data literacy, technology literacy, and a willingness to embrace new possibilities through technology.

    Who is the ideal candidate for the Flex Online MBA?

    The ideal candidate for the Flex Online MBA program is someone with at least two years of full-time work experience and a strong academic background. The program is compact and fast-paced, so it is best suited for individuals who are motivated and eager to make a return on their investment quickly.

    What is the class size for the first cohort?

    The target class size for the first cohort is 100 students. The program aims to maintain a small and intimate learning environment to ensure personalized attention and a collaborative experience.

    Will there be opportunities for international students?

    Yes, the program welcomes international students. In fact, approximately 12% of the prospects for the first cohort have been international. Texas A&M values diversity and encourages applications from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.

    How can interested individuals apply to the program?

    Prospective students can submit an expression of interest along with their resume and unofficial transcripts. Qualified candidates will be offered interviews. It is highly recommended to submit an expression of interest as soon as possible to secure a spot in this innovative program.