Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    A Sustainable Solution for Travel: Cadence Reusable Containers

    Are you tired of contributing to the single-use plastic problem every time you travel? Look no further than Cadence, a small business founded by Steph Hon, an AAPI woman entrepreneur, with an admirable mission. Cadence offers a range of travel-sized containers made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, aiming to eliminate the need for single-use alternatives.

    One loyal customer, Abby Kass, shares her positive experience with Cadence’s containers. She describes them as a game-changer for her recent six-day trip. With customizable labels to easily identify her shampoos, conditioners, and other toiletries, Abby found these containers to be practical and spacious. While Cadence claims they hold about one to two weeks’ worth of skincare products, more than two weeks’ worth of serum, and two to three days’ worth of haircare, Abby attests that they exceeded her expectations. As she doesn’t wash her hair daily, the container held more haircare products for her needs.

    What sets Cadence containers apart is their convenience. Their compact size fits perfectly into any toiletries bag and easily passes TSA regulations. Opening and closing the container, even with wet hands in the shower, proved hassle-free for Abby. Moreover, these containers are leak-proof, unlike some traditional toiletry bottles, making them a reliable and mess-free companion for any traveler.

    The sustainability aspect of Cadence’s products is the cherry on top. By repurposing ocean-bound plastic, Cadence not only helps reduce plastic waste but also contributes to the conservation of our fragile ecosystems. As consumers, we can make a difference by supporting brands like Cadence that prioritize eco-friendly practices.

    Considering investing in these reusable containers for your next trip? Cadence offers a set of six for $76, with a variety of colors to choose from, and the option to customize labels to suit your needs. Take a step towards sustainable travel and make Cadence containers an essential part of your luggage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How are Cadence containers environmentally friendly?

    Cadence containers are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, which helps to reduce single-use plastics and combat plastic waste pollution.

    2. Can Cadence containers hold a sufficient amount of toiletries?

    Yes, Cadence claims that their containers can hold approximately one to two weeks’ worth of skincare products, more than two weeks’ worth of serum, and two to three days’ worth of haircare. However, some customers have found them to hold more than the stated amount, depending on individual usage preferences.

    3. Are Cadence containers suitable for air travel?

    Absolutely! Cadence containers meet TSA regulations and can be easily carried in your hand luggage without any issues.

    4. Are Cadence containers leak-proof?

    Yes, Cadence containers have been designed to be leak-proof, ensuring a mess-free travel experience.

    5. How can I purchase Cadence containers?

    You can get a set of six Cadence containers for $76 by visiting their website [] and choosing from the available color options. Customizable labels are also available for added convenience.