Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Air France-KLM Appoints New Regional Commercial Director for the Middle East

    Air France-KLM has appointed Hichame Lahkim Bennani as the new Regional Commercial Director for the Middle East region. In this role, Mr. Lahkim Bennani will be responsible for overseeing pricing, marketing, business intelligence, e-commerce, and distribution for the Middle East, including both online and offline markets.

    Mr. Lahkim Bennani takes over this position from Sylvain Mathias, who has transitioned to a new role within the group. Based at the company’s regional headquarters in Dubai Airport Free Zone, United Arab Emirates, Mr. Lahkim Bennani reports directly to Simon Scholte, the General Manager Middle East for Air France-KLM.

    During his career with Air France-KLM, Hichame Lahkim Bennani has held various senior executive positions spanning sales, business development, yield management, and pricing responsibilities. He has worked at the company’s headquarters in Paris and in international locations such as India, Nigeria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

    Simon Scholte, the General Manager Middle East for Air France-KLM, expressed his pleasure in announcing Hichame Lahkim Bennani’s appointment. Scholte commended Mr. Lahkim Bennani’s 17-year career with the company, highlighting his extensive international experience and broad expertise.

    Scholte mentioned that Lahkim Bennani has a proven track record in leading diverse teams and implementing innovative strategies that consistently yield impressive results. He believes that Mr. Lahkim Bennani’s addition to the regional team will bring significant value and enable the company to deliver exceptional service and drive growth in the Middle East region.

    Source: Air France-KLM press release