Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Are Parking Tickets the New Marketing Strategy?

    Imagine this scenario: you walk back to your car after running errands, only to find a white piece of paper tucked under your windshield wiper. Your heart sinks as you assume it’s a parking ticket. But as you reach out to grab it, you realize it’s not a ticket at all. It’s actually an advertisement for a vehicle app disguised as a parking violation notice. So, are parking tickets becoming the latest marketing strategy?

    This unconventional approach to promotion recently took place in Dunedin, where a startup called VAI decided to use fake parking tickets to grab people’s attention. The tickets posed the question, “Have you ever been caught out with an expired registration or warrant of fitness?” The goal was to promote VAI, an app that helps users stay up-to-date with their vehicle’s important dates and avoid penalties.

    While some might consider this strategy clever, others found it annoying. The company behind the app, VAI, acknowledged this mixed reaction. Maykon Dias, the man behind VAI, stated, “We just decided that the value is greater than the frustration people would have on the other end.” They believed that by providing a solution to a common problem, they would ultimately benefit motorists.

    After surveying 1,700 vehicles in Dunedin, VAI discovered that 12% had expired registration. This finding strengthened their marketing strategy, as they saw an opportunity to introduce their app to those at risk of facing future penalties. VAI also confirmed that they had obtained permission from the Dunedin City Council before commencing their campaign.

    Despite the divided opinions, VAI’s approach seems to have garnered attention, with some individuals finding it amusing rather than irritating. The company intends to expand its campaign to other cities, starting with Auckland. However, it remains to be seen whether this unconventional marketing strategy will continue to be successful or face backlash.

    In conclusion, using fake parking tickets as a marketing strategy can be seen as either clever or annoying. While VAI’s intentions were to provide a solution to a common problem faced by motorists, the effectiveness of their approach is subjective. Only time will tell if this unconventional tactic will become a lasting trend in the world of marketing.


    What is VAI?

    VAI is a vehicle app that helps users stay updated with important dates, such as registration and warrant of fitness renewals, to avoid penalties.

    What was the purpose of the fake parking tickets?

    The fake parking tickets served as advertisements for the VAI app. The intention was to bring awareness to the app and its ability to prevent motorists from facing infringement costs.

    Did VAI receive permission to use the fake parking tickets?

    Yes, VAI obtained permission from the Dunedin City Council before implementing their marketing campaign.

    Is the campaign expanding to other cities?

    Yes, VAI plans to expand its campaign to other cities, with Auckland being the next target.

    What was the reaction to the fake parking tickets?

    The reaction to the fake parking tickets was divided. Some found the approach clever, while others considered it annoying.