Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Avacta Group Shares Rise as AVA6000 Tumor Treatment Study Progresses

    Avacta Group, a London-listed oncology drug-and-diagnostics company, announced positive progress in its AVA6000 tumor treatment study. The company successfully completed a sixth dose escalation, bringing the total number of dosed patients to 35 with advanced and/or metastatic solid tumors in the UK and US.

    During the study, Avacta Group observed an excellent safety profile with no harmful side effects reported. Additionally, one patient with soft tissue sarcoma showed a significant reduction in tumor volume, confirming the drug’s efficacy.

    Cohort seven, which is expected to be the final dose escalation, will conclude the Phase 1a study. Based on the promising results, the company has adjusted its regulatory strategy to commence the Phase 2 study for soft tissue sarcoma earlier than originally planned in 2024.

    CEO Alastair Smith expressed his satisfaction with the findings, stating, “I’m particularly pleased that, even at this early stage and in this patient group, we have a confirmed, significant response in a patient with soft tissue sarcoma, as well as other positive signals across a number of other patients.”

    The Phase 2 study will focus on assessing the drug’s effectiveness in treating soft tissue sarcoma. Avacta Group’s progress in the AVA6000 tumor treatment study has garnered investor interest, reflected in the 10% increase in the company’s shares.

    Avacta Group’s ongoing research and development efforts hold promise for advancing cancer treatment options. With further studies and regulatory approvals, the company aims to make a significant impact in the field of oncology.

    Source: Joe Hoppe, Avacta Group Completes Sixth Dose Escalation in Tumor Treatment Study, The Wall Street Journal