Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    BRS Government Accused of Repression by Telangana BJP

    The Telangana BJP has accused the BRS government of using police force to repress the civil society. The party claims that the administration has turned into a “real estate company” that is benefiting big businessmen by usurping both public and private land for its own gain. Union Minister for Tourism, Culture and Development of Northeast Region and BJP president G. Kishan Reddy, along with former Minister Eatala Rajender and others, strongly condemned the police lathi-charge against protesters in Nirmal town in Adilabad.

    The BJP leaders accused Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao of turning Telangana into a police state where civil rights are curtailed and false cases are lodged against political opponents. They claim that the police are blindly following illegal orders. The party leaders warned of “punishments” if the police continued to obey these orders.

    The incident in question involved the alleged conversion of 280 acres of industrial land into commercial use in Nirmal. The BJP claimed that 30 people, including party workers, were injured during the police lathi-charge. They also stated that senior leader D.K. Aruna had been arrested and remained in police custody. The BJP leaders further accused the government of resorting to repressive measures and claimed that the state has become “unsafe” for weaker sections and women.

    The BJP leaders also criticized the government’s decision to abolish GO 111, which protected the twin reservoirs of Osmansagar and Himayatsagar in Rangareddy district. They alleged that this move was aimed at handing over precious land to real estate firms for vote bank politics and to earn money for the ruling party. The BJP claimed that opposition to indiscriminate and illegal land sales has been growing across the state.

    The government had previously halted the implementation of the revised Master Plan in Nirmal due to widespread protests. However, the issue was brought up again in light of the upcoming elections. The BJP leaders stated that the government has failed to address the concerns of the protesters in Nirmal, and they warned that the people would not tolerate such repression for long.
    – [source article]