Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Cadbury Returns with Festive Chocolate Coins – Spreading Christmas Joy!

    After nearly a decade of absence, the beloved confectionary brand Cadbury is bringing back its iconic chocolate coins, just in time for the festive season. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Cadbury has launched an integrated advertising campaign in collaboration with their ad agency VCCP, including a spectacular out-of-home (OOH) build in Leeds.

    The campaign showcases a behind-the-scenes video produced by experience agency Energy, revealing the extravagant transformation of a poster as it progressively becomes adorned with more decorations. Emma Jayne Paxton, senior brand manager for Cadbury Christmas and Halloween at Mondelez International, expressed their excitement, stating, “Cadbury Coins had been missing from UK shelves for almost a decade, so we wanted to make a lot of noise to celebrate their return. Coins coming back meant our Christmas spirit was revitalized, and we’ve unapologetically gone all out with our decor to shout about their return, spreading our contagious festive cheer. Bring on Cadbury coins and bring on Christmas!”

    In addition, Cadbury embarked on a quest to find three homes with inhabitants who are exceptionally eager to decorate for Christmas and always go above and beyond. Cadbury aided in transforming their homes into an extraordinary Christmas wonderland, incorporating special Cadbury Coins lights, and captured the heartwarming results for social media. Filming took place in October, capturing the enthusiasm of those who couldn’t wait for the holiday season to begin.

    The return of Cadbury Coins after a decade has created a wave of excitement. Caroline Rawlings, creative director at VCCP London, humorously remarked, “Coins are icons of Christmas. So sure, the leaves have barely left the trees, but Coins are back. Bring on Christmas and all the tinsel, baubles, and fairy lights you can possibly carry. This was just a delight of a campaign to work on with a team of excellent people who made having meetings about how much tinsel was too much tinsel in August actually beyond palatable.”

    The campaign, which features OOH, digital OOH, social media, print, and digital advertising, will continue until December 17. Owned channel activities by Elvis and media planning and execution by Publicis Media will further support the campaign. Get ready to embrace the festive spirit with Cadbury and their delightful chocolate coins!


    1. Where can I find Cadbury chocolate coins?

    You can find Cadbury chocolate coins at various retail stores across the UK. Look out for them in the confectionery aisle, especially during the festive season.

    2. Are Cadbury coins available only during Christmas?

    Yes, Cadbury coins are a seasonal product that is typically available during the Christmas period. The return of Cadbury coins after nearly a decade has made them an iconic symbol of the holiday season.

    3. Can I purchase Cadbury coins online?

    Yes, you can often find Cadbury coins available for purchase on online platforms, including the Cadbury website and various e-commerce websites. Check with your preferred online retailer to see if they offer Cadbury coins.

    4. Are Cadbury chocolate coins suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, Cadbury chocolate coins are suitable for vegetarians. However, it’s always a good idea to check the packaging for any specific dietary information or allergens before consuming.