Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Centuria Industrial REIT: Investing in Quality Industrial Assets

    Centuria Industrial REIT is an Australian-based real estate investment trust that specializes in investing in industrial properties throughout Australia. The company’s primary activity is to acquire and manage a portfolio of industrial assets located in urban infill locations across the country.

    Centuria Industrial REIT aims to provide its investors with a combination of regular income and capital growth. With a focus on quality assets, the company has built a portfolio that currently comprises approximately 88 fit-for-purpose industrial properties. These assets are strategically situated in key in-fill locations and in close proximity to essential infrastructure, maximizing their value and attractiveness to potential tenants.

    Some of the notable properties within Centuria Industrial REIT’s portfolio include Telstra Data Centre, 207-219 Browns Rd, 324-332 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, 159 & 169 Studley Court, 346 Boundary Road, 85 Fulton Drive, 9 Fellowes Ct, 56-88 Lisbon Street, 8 Hexham Place, 60-80 Southlink St, 310 Spearwood Ave, 23-41 Galway Ave, 32-54 Kaurna Ave, 8 Lexington Dr, and 52-74 Quarry Rd, among others.

    To effectively manage its assets and investments, Centuria Industrial REIT has appointed Centuria Property Funds No. 2 Limited as its investment manager. This partnership ensures the company benefits from the expertise and industry knowledge of a dedicated team focused on optimizing the performance of the portfolio.

    Investing in industrial properties offers the potential for stable returns and long-term growth. With its commitment to acquiring quality assets and its strategic positioning in key urban areas, Centuria Industrial REIT provides investors with an opportunity to benefit from Australia’s thriving industrial sector.

    – Centuria Industrial REIT Company Website