Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    CEO of Square, Alyssa Henry, to Step Down Next Month

    Alyssa Henry, the CEO of Square, a financial technology company under Jack Dorsey’s Block, will be leaving her position next month. The news was announced in a regulatory filing on Monday.

    Square serves as the payments solutions division of Block, which also encompasses other business units, including the widely popular Cash App platform. With Henry’s departure, Dorsey, who currently holds the titles of Block Head and Chairperson, will take on the additional role of “Square Head.”

    The specific reason for Henry’s departure has not been disclosed at this time. However, a spokesperson for Block stated that she played a crucial role in transforming Square into a software-led technology company, provided guidance during the uncertainty caused by global pandemic lockdowns, and expanded the range of services available to small businesses worldwide. The company expressed its gratitude for Henry’s leadership and wished her success in future endeavors.

    Alyssa Henry has been with Square since 2015 and has held various positions within the company. Prior to her time at Square, she worked at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

    Sources: CNN


    • CEO: Chief Executive Officer – the highest-ranking executive in a company, responsible for making major corporate decisions.
    • Regulatory Filing: A submission of certain forms, reports, or documents to a regulatory agency as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations.
    • Financial Technology (Fintech): The use of technology to support and enhance financial services and operations.
    • Business Units: Divisions or departments within a company, each responsible for specific products, services, or operations.
    • Cash App: A widely used mobile payment service developed by Square, allowing users to send, receive, and spend money easily.
    • Software-led Technology Company: A company that primarily focuses on developing and providing software-based solutions and services.