Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Coalition Spends $1.4 Million Lobbying for Good Cause Evictions

    A coalition called Homeowners for an Affordable New York has spent a substantial amount of money on lobbying efforts to promote good cause eviction. According to the state Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government, the coalition was the seventh highest spender on lobbying in New York last year, totaling $1.4 million.

    The coalition is made up of influential industry groups such as the Real Estate Board of New York, the Rent Stabilization Association, and the Community Housing Improvement Program. These organizations paid the same lobbyist, Fontas Advisors, a staggering $971,000 this year.

    One notable real estate player that was particularly active in lobbying last year was Kiwo, a Texas-based company that produces chemicals for screen printing. They spent $407,005 on lobbying efforts related to an application to rezone a site in Boerum Hill to allow for housing. This text amendment, known as Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, was approved in December.

    Kiwo’s interest in the rezoning stems from its affiliation with Ulano, a screen-printing company that was leasing space at the city-owned site. After reaching an agreement to terminate its lease with the city, Kiwo sought to ensure that the site would be rezoned for housing purposes.

    Another significant spender was the Rosenwach family, who spent $365,737 lobbying to rezone a property in Long Island City. Their project, which included Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, was approved in October.

    These lobbying efforts reflect the ongoing debate surrounding affordable housing and real estate development in New York City. As more and more stakeholders seek to influence housing policies, it is important to closely monitor the decisions made by lawmakers and the impact they have on the city.

    Additional Notes

    In other news, Governor Kathy Hochul has prohibited swimming at three Long Island beaches due to rough waters caused by hurricanes Idalia and Franklin. City officials are also urging caution when swimming in areas without lifeguards.

    Furthermore, New York Attorney General Letitia James claims that former President Trump inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion. Court filings suggest that Trump exaggerated his net worth from 2011 to 2021.

    Finally, an off-duty police officer and another individual were shot during a road rage incident in Queens. The injuries sustained are not considered life-threatening, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still under investigation.

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