Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Companies React After Hours: Nvidia, Autodesk, Nordstrom, HP Inc, Jack in the Box, Guess?

    Several companies faced a mixture of reactions in after-hours trading following the release of their financial results. Here’s a summary of how these companies fared:

    Nvidia, the renowned chip giant, experienced a slight decline of approximately 1% despite surpassing expectations for its fiscal third-quarter earnings and delivering robust revenue guidance. The adjusted earnings per share stood at $4.02 on a revenue of $18.12 billion, outperforming the predicted figures of $3.37 per share and $16.18 billion in revenue, respectively. Nvidia also expects its fourth-quarter revenue to reach a promising $20.00 billion, beating the estimated consensus of $17.86 billion.

    Autodesk, a prominent software company, witnessed a positive response in after-hours trading, with a gain of more than 4%. The company exceeded analysts’ expectations in both revenue and earnings for the third quarter. Adjusted earnings per share were reported at $2.07, surpassing the estimated $1.99 per share. Additionally, Autodesk’s revenue amounted to $1.41 billion, exceeding the consensus estimate of $1.39 billion.

    Nordstrom, a well-known department store chain, observed a minor increase of nearly 1% after reporting its third-quarter revenue of $3.32 billion. Although this revenue fell slightly below analysts’ estimate of $3.40 billion, Nordstrom managed to exceed expectations in terms of adjusted earnings per share, reporting 25 cents per share compared to the predicted 13 cents per share.

    HP Inc., a technology company, experienced a 3% drop in after-hours trading as its fourth-quarter revenue failed to meet estimates. The recorded revenue of $13.82 billion fell short of the consensus estimate of $13.85 billion. However, earnings aligned with estimates.

    Jack in the Box, a fast-food chain, witnessed a decline of 4% following the release of its fourth-quarter operating earnings, which missed estimates. Additionally, the company provided a weaker-than-expected full-year operating earnings guidance.

    Guess?, a clothing retailer, faced a significant 14% decline after reporting disappointing third-quarter adjusted earnings and revenue. These results fell short of the consensus estimates, signaling a challenging period for the company.

    While the after-hours trading reactions varied among these companies, it is crucial to note that market dynamics can significantly influence short-term stock movements. Investors should carefully analyze the underlying financials and long-term prospects of these companies before making any investment decisions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What were Nvidia’s fiscal third-quarter expectations?

    A: Nvidia’s adjusted earnings per share for the fiscal third quarter were $4.02, with a revenue of $18.12 billion, surpassing analysts’ expectations.

    Q: Why did HP’s stock drop in after-hours trading?

    A: HP Inc. experienced a 3% drop in after-hours trading as its fourth-quarter revenue failed to meet estimates, although earnings aligned with expectations.

    Q: What caused Guess? shares to decline by 14% after hours?

    A: Guess? reported disappointing third-quarter adjusted earnings and revenue, resulting in a significant decline of 14% in its share price.

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