Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Cork City to Receive Nearly 20 New Homes Under Proposed Development Plans

    A new housing development is being proposed for Lower Glanmire Road in Cork City, which could bring nearly 20 new homes to the area. The developers, S&L Supple and Lynch Ltd, have submitted plans to construct two four-storey apartment blocks consisting of 9 two-bedroom units and 10 one-bedroom units.

    The proposed development will be located directly opposite The Dean Hotel and the train station, on an empty site. Pedestrian access to the site will be constructed at the existing historic rubble walls. Additionally, the plans include a communal entrance courtyard and a communal garden for residents to enjoy.

    In response to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options, the developers have also included provisions for 24 bicycle parking spaces. The plans are currently under review by Cork City Council, and a decision is expected to be made by the end of this month.

    This is not the only housing development being considered in Cork City. Planning permission has also been sought for new apartments on Leitrim Street and South Mall. The Leitrim Street site, which has been vacant for over a decade, may soon be transformed into 21 new homes, consisting of three one-bedroom apartments and eighteen two-bedroom apartments.

    Carbery House, a 1980s office block located on the corner of Cook Street, has attracted the attention of Swiss-based investors who purchased the building for €2 million last year. The owners have now applied for permission to convert the seven-storey building into 17 apartment units, with a cafe on the ground floor.

    These proposed housing developments indicate a positive response to the growing housing demand in Cork City. If approved, they will contribute to the expansion of the city’s housing stock and provide much-needed homes for its residents.

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