Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Cornwall Expands Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

    Cornwall Council has announced that it now has over 180 electric vehicle (EV) charging points located in 35 county council-owned car parks. This brings the total number of charging units across Cornwall to more than 500. The EV points are part of the Drive EV2 project, which aims to improve the county’s EV charging infrastructure and expand access for residents. The original target for the project was 150 charge points, but it has surpassed expectations and continues to grow.

    The project’s main goal is to extend the charging network into rural areas and locations with limited coverage. This is done by installing charging units in areas where the private sector is unlikely to invest. Cornwall Council believes that improving the charging infrastructure is crucial, as road transport currently accounts for about a quarter of the county’s carbon emissions. The number of electric vehicles on the roads is steadily increasing, and it is important for the infrastructure to keep pace with this growth.

    The current charge points installed in council car parks are operated by SWARCO Smart Charging. The project is receiving up to £3.6 million in funding from the European Regional Development Fund. Cornwall Council is committed to supporting the transition to electric vehicles and aims to make it easier for residents to charge their EVs by providing more accessible charging points throughout the county.


    – Cornwall Council

    – BBC News South West