Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Coronation Street Spoilers: Ronnie Makes a Shocking Confession to Ed

    Coronation Street’s Ronnie Bailey will find himself in a difficult situation when he is forced to confess his secret investment to his brother, Ed. Ronnie recently made the decision to get involved in a dodgy financial scheme, going behind Ed’s back and investing a significant sum of money in Newton & Ridley shares, encouraged by Debbie Webster who promised a huge return.

    However, Ronnie’s actions come back to haunt him when Ed discovers a plot of land for sale that has planning permission for six houses. Excited about the potential for profit, Ed suggests that they make an offer on the property. Unbeknownst to Ed, Ronnie has already invested their money in the insider trading scam and is desperate to stall the process.

    Ronnie suggests consulting a surveyor before making any decisions, hoping to buy himself some time. Meanwhile, Debbie assures Ronnie that he just needs to stall Ed for a few more days. Ed, on the other hand, is eager to move forward and has hired his own surveyor to speed up the process.

    However, they soon learn that there is a high level of interest in the land, and sealed bids are being accepted. While Ed is disappointed, Ronnie is secretly relieved. The situation takes another turn when Ronnie discovers that the value of Newton & Ridley shares has plummeted. Panicking once again, Ronnie tells Ed that he has second thoughts about the project and suggests pulling out.

    Ronnie’s problems escalate when he overhears Henry Newton discussing plans to sell the brewery, which is set to buy out The Rovers. Desperate to salvage the situation, he urges Henry to accept Waterfords’ offer. When questioned by Henry about his source of information, Ronnie is left scrambling to find an explanation.

    In a shocking confession, Ronnie finally admits to Ed that their investment money is gone because of the worthless Newton & Ridley shares. How will Ed react to this devastating news, especially after already refusing to get involved in Ronnie’s dodgy scheme?

    Source: Digital Spy (without URL)