Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Cyberattack Disrupts Clorox Operations, Causing Shortages

    A recent cyberattack on Clorox has led to significant disruptions in the company’s operations, resulting in shortages of its cleaning materials. Clorox is struggling to meet consumer demand as a direct consequence of the attack, although the specific products affected have not been disclosed.

    In August, Clorox detected unauthorized activity in its information technology systems and promptly took action to stop the attack. The company believes that the cyberattack has been contained; however, its manufacturing operations have not yet returned to full capacity. Clorox is currently manually fulfilling and processing orders, and it anticipates a return to normal operations next week.

    While production has resumed at most of Clorox’s manufacturing sites, it will take time for the company to reach full production levels. The cyberattack and resulting delays are expected to materially impact Clorox’s financial results for the current quarter. However, determining any longer-term effects at this stage is premature due to the ongoing recovery process.

    As a renowned manufacturer of household staples such as bleach, detergents, and cleaners, Clorox’s operational disruption has raised concerns. This cyberattack comes in the wake of a similar incident at MGM Resorts, where a suspected cyberattack caused operations to grind to a halt, impacting guest services and access to digital keys.

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