Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Dario’s Things: A New Vision in Urban Development

    Promoter Darío Arroyo, who had been working alongside his father for 25 years, has embarked on a new urban adventure in the city. Following his father’s passing a year ago, Arroyo now feels free to translate his way of designing and working into projects that promise to be very personal. This is why he named his new company ‘Dario’s things’, which essentially means ‘Darío’s stuff’.

    Previously, Darío Arroyo executed his projects under the watchful eye of his father, only going as far as he could. However, he now considers himself an independent professional, liberated to develop his ideas and express his personalized model in every building he creates.

    Arroyo’s goal is for each of his works to be completely different from the previous ones. Not only will the building itself change, but he will also contribute a unique design, often well-connected to the environment or the history of the house.

    The first example of his new approach will be a property on Veedor Street, at the corner of Mentidero Square, which is about to begin construction. Here, seven residences and a commercial space will be developed. Furthermore, no hospitality establishments will be allowed on the ground floor, as the aim is to provide tranquility to future residents.

    The dwellings will have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with personalized interiors for clients seeking a solid investment or quality in their new home. Accessibility is emphasized, as all the residences will be equipped for people with mobility challenges, including an elevator.

    The promoter does not rule out new projects and has also been working on the rehabilitation of another property in Cánovas del Castillo. He acknowledges the difficulty of finding suitable properties in Cádiz to work on, especially those that are special and allow him to leave his personal mark.

    Despite the challenges involved when dealing with properties in the historic center, such as the limitations imposed by the Heritage department or the installation of elevators, Arroyo is willing to tackle them in order to achieve his objectives.

    Sources: La Voz de Cádiz