Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Donald Trump Questions Biden’s Age and Competence in Recent Interview

    In a surprising interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former President Donald Trump made unexpected comments about President Joe Biden’s age and competence. While Trump claimed that Biden was not “too old” to seek a second term, he quickly added that he believed Biden was “incompetent.”

    The discussion around the age of American politicians has become a significant factor as the country looks ahead to the 2024 elections, where Biden will be nearly 82 years old and Trump himself will be 78 years old. Polls indicate that, although the age difference between the two men is minimal, Americans express more concern about Biden’s age, with three out of four people doubting his ability to last a second term.

    Despite Trump being the second-oldest president at the end of his term (with Ronald Reagan being the oldest), he continues to portray Biden as “sleepy” and unfit for the job. Trump, who would be 82 years old at the end of a possible second term, pointed out that many great leaders throughout history have been in their 80s.

    Biden, who has faced criticism for verbal gaffes, remains physically active, abstains from alcohol, and often goes biking. Democrats argue that he is competent and has overseen the passage of significant legislation and played an active role on the world stage.

    Similarly, Trump has faced criticism for verbal gaffes and physical mishaps. However, he claimed that his own age does not concern him, citing the longevity of his parents as a genetic advantage. Trump’s insistence on his own competence during the 2020 presidential campaign, highlighted by a cognitive test, was met with ridicule from his political opponents and went viral on social media.

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