Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Donald Trump to Speak with Union Members in Detroit Instead of Attending Republican Primary Debate

    Former President Donald Trump has made plans to travel to Detroit next week to deliver a speech to current and former union members, according to his campaign. This decision means he will not be attending the Republican primary debate. Trump, who is the clear frontrunner in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, aims to counterprogram the debate as his rivals attempt to catch up to his lead.

    The announcement comes amidst a recent strike by thousands of United Auto Workers (UAW) members at three major plants in Detroit. The strike was triggered by the failure to reach a deal between the union and Detroit carmakers. Trump’s campaign source revealed that his intention is to address a crowd of over 500 union members, which include not only auto workers but also plumbers, pipe-fitters, and electricians.

    The UAW has not yet responded to requests for comment on Trump’s visit. This development adds an intriguing twist to the upcoming primary debate and highlights Trump’s strategy of engaging directly with union members, who represent a significant voting bloc.

    While this news is still developing, it is a significant move on Trump’s part as he strategically chooses to connect with the union members rather than participate in the debate. This decision may influence voter sentiment and test the loyalty of his competitors as he aims to maintain his frontrunner position in the 2024 Republican presidential race.


    – The New York Times
    – CNBC news