Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    E-COATING: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Sustainable Cooling

    In the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong SAR, air-conditioning is a necessity to combat the sweltering sub-tropical heat. However, it comes at a cost, accounting for nearly a third (31%) of the total electricity consumption in the city. Two innovative young engineers, Hoi Fung Ronaldo Chan and Can Jovial Xiao, sought to find a greener and more sustainable solution for cooling buildings. Their groundbreaking invention, E-COATING, has not only caught the attention of the legendary inventor Sir James Dyson but also won them the coveted 2023 James Dyson Award for Sustainability.

    E-COATING is an environmentally friendly solution that addresses two pressing issues simultaneously. By utilizing the staggering 470,000 glass bottles that end up in landfills every day, Ronaldo and Jovial have developed a reflective coating that harnesses the power of the sun’s rays. The coating, made from repurposed waste glass, can be applied to exterior roofs and walls, significantly reducing the need for energy-intensive cooling systems like air-conditioning.

    With a proud smile, Ronaldo explains, “Based on my program calculation, you can save about 30% energy usage on air conditioning systems.” This innovative solution not only alleviates the burden on the environment but also helps to reduce electricity consumption and save costs for building owners.

    Recognizing the brilliance of their invention, Sir James Dyson commended Ronaldo and Jovial, stating, “E-COATING uses recycled glass to create a coating to put on exterior walls. This reflects the sun’s rays, and therefore saves a substantial proportion of the electricity needed to cool the building. It is a dual solution that is good for the environment and saves money.”

    The James Dyson Foundation’s recognition comes with substantial support for the team. The award will enable Ronaldo and Jovial to refine and enhance the adhesion and ease of application of their E-COATING. Additionally, they will explore the development of new formulas to make the coating suitable for indoor use, expanding its potential applications.

    Overwhelmed with gratitude, Ronaldo and Jovial expressed their aspirations, stating, “We invented E-COATING with a desire to help tackle the serious environmental problems our planet is facing. The prize money will allow us to further our research and development goals and start a company to take our invention to the next level.”

    The remarkable achievement of Ronaldo and Jovial inspires us to rethink sustainability and embrace innovative solutions that can make a positive impact on both our environment and our wallets. Let us celebrate their ingenious contribution and share their inspiring story with others. Together, we can create a greener future for generations to come.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What does E-COATING do?
    A: E-COATING is an eco-friendly solution that uses recycled glass to create a coating for exterior walls. It reflects the sun’s rays, reducing the need for electricity-intensive cooling systems like air-conditioning.

    Q: How much energy can E-COATING save?
    A: According to calculations by Ronaldo, the use of E-COATING can save approximately 30% of energy usage on air conditioning systems.

    Q: What recognition did Ronaldo and Jovial receive for their invention?
    A: Ronaldo and Jovial were awarded the prestigious 2023 James Dyson Award for Sustainability for their invention, E-COATING.

    Q: What are Ronaldo and Jovial’s plans for the future?
    A: The prize money from the James Dyson Award will support Ronaldo and Jovial’s research and development goals. They also intend to establish a company to further develop and commercialize E-COATING.

    Q: What are the potential applications of E-COATING?
    A: While the current focus is on exterior walls, Ronaldo and Jovial are exploring new formulas to make E-COATING suitable for indoor use, expanding its potential applications.