Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Exciting Job Opportunities for Architects in International Design Studios

    This article highlights five job opportunities for architects in international design studios. Each position offers unique growth and collaboration opportunities within the field of architecture.

    The first opportunity is with MAD Architects in Los Angeles, United States. They are seeking a post-qualified designer/architect with advanced 3D modeling skills. MAD Architects recently completed their first building in South America, the Qondesa skyscraper, which features a unique façade with greenery.

    Elephant, based in Amsterdam, offers internships to architecture students. They specifically seek individuals currently enrolled in an architecture program with craftsmanship and model-making skills. Selected candidates will receive mentorship from professionals in the field.

    Kogaa, an architecture studio in Brno, Czech Republic, is looking for an architectural designer. They require someone with proven experience in hospitality, office, and residential design. Kogaa has previously created a community café and a toaster in Prague using construction waste.

    Bryden Wood in Milan, Italy, aims to expand its international team by hiring qualified architects/designers. The position requires the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and strong interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with clients.

    Starck Network Agency in Paris, France, is searching for a junior interior architect to work on hospitality design projects. Led by French architect and designer Philippe Starck, the studio has successfully renovated a wellness hotel, Villa W, surrounded by a pine forest and offering an impressive view of the Saint-Tropez coast.

    These job opportunities provide architects with the chance to work on exciting projects and gain valuable experience in various design disciplines. They offer growth and collaboration opportunities within international design studios.

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